Additional services:
  • customs declaration services
  • preparation of all customs and transport documents (JCD, JCDd, DCH, DCHd, CMR, EUR, T1)
  • security of customs payments
  • comprehensive consultations on customs and forwarding issues
  • grain transshipment

Transportation options

To ensure timely deliveries of grain from Ukraine to end customers in Europe, the Group has its own railway wagon fleet in Ukraine - 230 wagons for the Ukrainian gauge - and its own truck fleet for grain delivery via European routes - from 25 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes.

Our grain storage facility is accessed by a Ukrainian railway with a gauge of 1520 mm. We can receive our grain on these tracks.

There are also two European railways with a gauge of 1435 mm to our granary.

We are also able to store grain imported from Ukraine in our covered warehouses.


If you have any logistical questions, please contact:

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Bartolomej Némethi
Executive Director, Rail Logistics Manager
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Alexander Boda